One of the reasons that lead companies to adopt a CRM is the goal of converting prospects into customers. And of course, a platform of this type allows them to organize all the accounts, prospects, and potential clients, to plan strategies that attract them, and make that conversion happen.

According to a survey cited by the Findstack portal, at least 65% of companies adopt a CRM system in the first 5 years after its inauguration. Beyond this figure, businessmen and entrepreneurs are always wondering if it is too early to implement a CRM or if the company is not big enough to use one.


Can a small company use a CRM?


The answer is yes. No matter what the size of your business, CRM software will always be useful for managing customers and prospects. No matter what your company's requirements are or what context you're in, there's a perfect CRM option for your small company.

Precisely, if a CRM allows the organization of clients and enhances productivity and conversion, then its implementation is the best decision for a small company since this platform will stimulate its growth over time.

“Having an all-in-one CRM system gives you visibility into the customer from all angles, so you can focus resources in the smartest way possible. When it comes to choosing the best CRM for small businesses, the trick is to focus on a streamlined platform with a low learning curve, no unnecessary features, and the ability to scale with your business", they advised in an article on the portal.

In the past, there was a belief that CRMs could only be useful for large companies and corporations, handling a very high volume of data and customers. But today all that changed

It is very important to efficiently manage accounts and clients from the very beginning of a company's operations. And you must be clear that the implementation of a CRM is not synonymous with “bankruptcy”: there are different CRM software options in the industry, so there is one for that budget you have.


Benefits of a CRM in a small company

  • Optimize the workflow of sales and commercial teams, centralizing information on a single platform. The work is much more fluid.
  • By freeing teams from routine tasks, they will have more time to spend on strategic tasks.
  • Reduce communication errors as the entire team will have timely access to customer data from the CRM.
  • Improves the sales process by enhancing customer management.
  • By creating a sales funnel you can also improve your workflow.

CRM helps companies build a relationship with their customers which, in turn, creates customer loyalty and retention. Since customer loyalty and revenue are qualities that affect a company's revenue, CRM is a management strategy that generates higher profits for a company," they emphasized in a Forbes article.

“Because of the diversity of CRM, it doesn't just benefit the largest companies – using and maintaining a CRM tool is the foundation for a scalable sales and marketing system. Any business will benefit from keeping track of what conversations, purchases, and marketing collateral can be associated with leads and customers", they added.


How should a CMS for small businesses be?

Easy to use

Since small businesses don't have much experience with CRM systems, ideally the interface of this software should be simple and easy to use. “Small business owners shouldn't need a specialist to manage their CRM software. It should be accessible to everyone who uses it: salespeople, marketing, the office manager, and even the CEO," they explained in a Zapier article.

Technical support

It is important that the CMS company you hire offers various forms of technical support, so that they can help you solve any problem. Check if they offer help by phone, email and chat, since depending on the urgency you have, you can contact them by different means.

Integration capacity

Ideally, a company's CMS can connect with other platforms to unify data, so look for an option that offers integration with different systems and applications.

Task management and automation

“All CRMs should have contact and deal management, task automation, and reporting, along with unique features that make them stand out from the crowd,” they added in the same Zapier article.

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