When a company is looking for CRM software, it is normal for the team to focus a lot on evaluating the functionalities of the platform, if it is flexible, what customization options it offers, and those types of aspects of the operation. But one critical area to assess is system security. Without the correct security standards, no system can function satisfactorily.

“For a CRM solution to be truly useful, it must have effective CRM security features installed. Otherwise, anyone looking at your CRM can access all of your business practices and employee information", pointed out about it in an article on the Nimble portal.


Rootnet CRM: How secure is the information?

One of the most efficient platforms on the market is Rootnet CRM, very complete software that allows you to centralize all the information on your accounts, customers and prospects, to boost the sales flow, strengthen the relationship with customers and increase productivity. This CRM streamlines the work of teams, allowing routine tasks to be automated while sales agents focus on more strategic tasks.

And what about data security in the Rootnet CRM? Well, the security of all your information is fully guaranteed on this platform. This system is responsible for handling all company data safely and responsibly. All your data is legally yours and you can download a copy of it anytime, anywhere.

Rootnet CRM manages two data centers, this with the purpose of making sure that your data is backed up at all times. If a data center fails, it is not a problem since that data is backed up in the second center that we have active. Plus, data is backed up every night so you'll always have your information up to date.

Thanks to this architecture, we have been able to achieve 99.999% availability. In addition, we make sure that no client can access the data of another, keeping your data safe with us at all times, thanks to the security protocols with which we handle the information.


Is the data stored separately?

To ensure that all this data is secure and each client only has access to their data, we provide security at multiple levels within the system: two within the main code base and one at the database level.

Security features that a CRM must have

When choosing a CRM, you should analyze what its security standards are so that you are certain that your data will be invulnerable and out of any risk.

Encrypted data

It is a great advantage that a CRM can provide since when handling the data, it remains encrypted and no one who does not have access will be able to see it. Make sure that the system you are going to implement has the possibility of encrypting shared or copied data.


Verify that the CRM system has strong authentication options. Biometric passwords, such as fingerprints or voice patterns, can make your information even more secure.

There is also two-factor authentication, in which the system not only asks for a password but also a temporary code that can be sent to the person on their cell phone by text message or email.


The CRM that you have in mind to implement must have a strict password policy, which leads users to create a strong and secure password, with a minimum number of characters, with digits and symbols. That can, for example, prevent the password from being the same or similar to those used previously. All this strengthens the security of the system in general.

What distinguishes Rootnet CRM from other CRMs?

It's fully customizable, so Rootnet CRM will adapt based on your needs to help achieve your business goals. Our Rootnet team is expert software developers with certifications, ready to help when needed.

You will be able to modify the data and information with just one click, avoiding the hassle of having to navigate between several windows as happens with other CRMs.

In addition, you will have the option to assign goals and objectives, giving employees the opportunity to choose the best way to achieve them, by creating sprints and time ranges. In this way, each employee will be contributing to the general objectives and in which their efforts will be analyzed to identify where they are, where they want to go, and how to get there, at a specific time.

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