There are a series of parameters that must be followed to be successful in the market. One of these aspects is building successful relationships with customers and taking advantage of software to do this. CRM tools are undoubtedly an ally when executing a commercial, marketing, or even operational strategy, where the decisions you make can increasingly lead to the success of your business by getting to know the market and each of your prospects.

Before making the decision to acquire a CRM you should consider some important points. In this blog, we provide a guide so that you can decide on the best option.

Key points when considering acquiring a CRM


You should make sure you have a tool that is user-friendly. Consider aspects such as how many clicks you have to make to access certain information, information is displayed, and which colors are used.

For example, Rootnet CRM uses a very clean and friendly interface with the sole objective of preventing the user from getting lost and to avoid complications.


A good CRM must-have features that make it a better option over others in the market. Rootnet CRM allows the creation of accounts and contacts, the creation of follow-ups, managing business opportunities, and the creation of business opportunities within the tool.

Within Rootnet CRM, you can find some unique functions, such as the creation of account lists, management of goals by sprints, account navigator, and the account profitability module that you can take advantage of to monitor your prospects, in addition to knowing the penetration of your company at the market level.



Achieving an ecosystem of solutions can contribute to the digital transformation that is desired at the company level. Our CRM offers a ready-to-use API in case you are looking to integrate it with any solution on the market, for example, ERP solutions, digital marketing software, and process automation software.

You can always contact a Rootnet sales agent for advice on our Rootnet CRM tool and request a free 30-day demo.


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