Traditionally, SMEs use old systems to execute their operations because they do not know the digital solutions necessary to manage their business or they lack economic resources to invest in solutions such as CRM, ERP, and Workflow.

In this blog, we would like to present you with a more cost-efficient option that will perfectly fit your needs to maintain control over your customers, manage contacts and even manage the billing and recurrences of your services.


Use cases of a CRM for an SME


The first thing to keep in mind is that the use of a CRM goes hand in hand with a digital culture that must be rooted in the company's operational processes that are customer-oriented. This will become an unrivaled ally for your business, providing easy to access and manage information about your customers.

CRM like Rootnet allows you to manage your services and products over time. Rootnet has specific modules to handle cases where you need to provide excellent customer service.

How to use Rootnet CRM modules?


Accounts Module

From this Rootnet CRM module, you can manage the database of all your contacts. Unlike with Excel, changing data is also kept on the platform, which allows you to review the historic changes that your client portfolio undergoes and have the information traceability.

Within the accounts module, you will be able to modify your contact information, for example, names, emails, telephone numbers, meeting tracking, and changes of account types.


SalesForce Module

This module will allow you to define the commercial flow of your company and establish the sales funnel to follow from the initial stage to the closing of the sale. By creating a status for each of the steps in the flow, you can find out the performance of each salesperson, their number of contacts, perception analytics, as well as the number of opportunities closed in the period of your goal.

The creation of goals and management of accounts by sprint will allow a daily analysis of market strategies and a periodic review of the leads obtained thanks to the account navigation module. You can also make a general review of the company in the profitability module that presents a wide group of options to know the penetration that your business has in the market.

Events Module

This is a module designed to manage the information of the attendees of the events that your company holds to keep track of the people who attended, create comments, and integrate the information with the other modules to follow up with prospects after the event.

If you are looking to improve your business flow and forget about Excel forever, contact a Rootnet sales representative today.


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