In a company, clearly, the most important aspect is the product or service that is being offered to the public, but an indispensable part is also the sales team, since they are responsible for offering said product to the public. They are the ones who work directly with the public and the ones in charge of converting them into clients.

This entire team involved in the process of selling and marketing a product is known as the Sales Force. “It is the set of human and material resources that a company has for the commercialization of its services or products. This force has the mission of performing its tasks in an efficient and innovative way to help in the development of the company and increase sales”, they explained in a HubSpot article.

The team that makes up the Sales Force is in charge of devising the necessary and most effective strategies to meet the commercial objectives of a company. The goal will always be to highlight the value of the product or service offered by the business and act as a mediator or intermediary in commercial operations.


Functionalities of the Rootnet Sales Force module


Today there are digital solutions for almost anything we can think of. And, of course, the sales and commercial teams of companies can enhance their performance and productivity with platforms such as CRMs to have greater control of customers and prospects. Rootnet's CRM offers a feature called Sales Force that can really make a difference in your business.

These are the main features and functionalities of this submodule:

  • Consolidate customer and sales information in your company, through an easy-to-use and efficient system.
  • Anticipating the needs of your customers will be easier.
  • It is designed to help the sales team better manage current leads.
  • You will be able to keep track of every interaction with prospects and customers.
  • It allows you to work according to the goals through sprints.
  • You will be able to keep a history of every change and update regarding goals.

One of the most important and attractive advantages of the Rootnet Sales Force submodule is that it empowers and supervises the entire sales team in a simple, organized and practical way.

It makes possible the follow-up of all the contacts, and the planning of goals can be weekly or monthly. Users of this platform have access to performance analytics by department or user

From Sales Force, you can assign weekly or monthly goals to your sales department and track their performance.

When creating these goals, the following requirements must be met, such as:


For the administrative area, the different sales flows to be managed will be created, the goals of each of the users and, linked to this, the business opportunities that would be changed once the opportunity was won or lost.


In the case of a missed opportunity, we can manage the reasons for this loss. After having data loaded, you will be able to report all the opportunities created, won or lost filtered by status, user or time.

Sales flow

We must add the sales channels within our company and then create a sales flow within that channel.


At this point, we will create user goals. We have two options; create weekly/monthly goals or recurring goals if sales users don't have variances.


1. Title: The name that the Pipeline will have is established

2. Order: Ordering of the pipelines according to their flow or modifications

3. Active: The state of the Pipeline is established, it can be deactivated by default

4. Description: Brief information about the Pipeline

5. Actions: Edit or delete the above information


Necessary characteristics in a sales force team

Full knowledge of the product or service 

To try to market a product and offer all its benefits... the first thing you must do is make the product known. “In order for you to understand the best way to help the client, you need to have complete knowledge of the products and services offered by the company you work for. Only then, you will be able to adjust the needs of the consumer to the solutions available by the business”, they limited in this regard in a Salesforce article.

Balance between company objectives and customer needs

It is true that every company has goals and objectives to meet, but the sales agent must find a balance between the goals of the business and the needs that the client needs to cover. “ The sales force must be able to manage both a focus on the customer and on the business purpose. In this way, the company obtains greater profit and a satisfied consumer with the proposed solutions”, they added in the same article.

Differentiating posture

A company's sales team must have the ability to differentiate itself from the rest. That is to say, that the team is as specialized as any other, capable of reaching deep into the clients and leaving a mark. The technological tools used by sales agents can make that big difference, since by using a CRM with a Sales Force submodule like the one offered by Rootnet, agents can manage all the information they need from their customers on the same platform and prospectuses.

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