Automation is everything, today we find multiple companies that still handle ambiguous processes on the general management, information management and internal processes that involve workers.

Within the options that can be implemented in our company to carry out an optimal administration of all the processes involved in the human resource and the workers we have the intranet as an ideal solution to coordinate our resources and to standardize workflows in our company.

An intranet is a system that centralizes multiple internal processes of a company, in turn functions as a corporate channel to create, notify, visualize and add new information that involves important personnel or corporate documentation.

Each company will have the possibility to opt for solutions that will directly benefit your company almost immediately depending on the constant use that it gives the new tool.


Common mistakes for not having automated tools:

  • Loss of time to perform searches
  • Do not have complete employee information
  • Mail is used as the communication channel
  • Lack of automation in company processes
  • Lack of control and loss of files
  • Slow and complicated manual processes

With an intranet you could notify all employees about new changes or news concerning the company either to announce a new schedule, new employee or new available internal vacancy.
For the user, it will be able to see the availability of vacations and request your days through the intranet, automatically the human resources manager and the superior could accept or reject the request with automatic notification, taking better control of requests and doing the process faster.
If it is the case that a new recruitment is made, the new user could access company manuals and perform online trainings previously loaded by the administrator, connect with internal staff and keep up-to-date on company news.
Features you might acquire with an intranet:

  • Manage processes that involve employees confidentially
  • Load company manuals, standards, rules, etc.
  • Segment each user by department with complete profile information
  • Notification of birthday of the month
  • Greater control of employee information
  • Maintain categorized documentation
  • Simple request for vacations, permits or disability.
  • Custom Reports
  • Automatic calculation of days available by employee
  • Create an employee in a simple way
  • Segment users by department


This is just a look of the benefits your business could have when deploying a corporate intranet with access anywhere with a user and password assigned by the administrator.

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