The banking industry has always been one of those that are dedicated to using technology in its favor, seeking solutions that allow it to give the best of itself to its clients and also ensure that clients can carry out their procedures easily.

We recently carried out an automation project for a bank that sought to automate the process of requesting and handling the procedures for default on personal loans and credit cards that were the result of the economic destabilization that occurred due to the COVID-19 quarantine.

In order to intelligently address the economic situation, it was necessary to develop a self-management solution for clients based on a web portal developed with Angular and a back-office managed with Strapi. This portal is integrated with the Rootnet Suite, specifically the CRM, Intranet, and Sync modules that in turn perform the automation of workflows, accounts, and notifications.

Self-management web portal integrated with Rootnet

Client self-service

With a self-management portal, we can provide users with a tool for them to take charge of their procedures without the need for an immediate customer service executive. This portal developed in Angular, a JavaScript framework known to be developed by Google, has a back-office managed from Strapi, a flexible content management system developed as a Node.js framework.

From this portal, clients can create their user account and will find a modern interface from where they can register their user, this initiates a request to Rootnet CRM to obtain the list of clients and validate if this client is in the list of clients from the bank. When validating this, the server makes a request to the CRM for the creation of the user, and this user is then linked to a CRM account that has custom fields for their data and associated products.

The Sync module is responsible for the intelligent synchronization of customer data thanks to its Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities, authenticates users and the login process goes hand in hand with SSO.


Automated procedure management

Within the solution are all the products associated with the client that require initiating a payment moratorium process, these would be all types of personal loans, mortgages, and credit cards. From the portal, the user will create the procedure to initiate the request for the moratorium

When starting the procedure on the web portal, a workflow is created in an automated way in Rootnet Intranet where, on the bank's side, the entire process of review, documentation, and approval of the procedure will be handled. This flow has different decision aspects considering all the final scenarios that the procedure may have, the flow is designed by the client in the form of a process diagram and the Intranet allows it to be illustrated in the same way.

Each status of this flow has its own specifications such as necessary approvers, managers, comments, delivery dates, etc. A good point about Rootnet flows is that they can be as intricate as you want and they will still work properly.

On the client's side, they can view all their procedures and their status from the web portal, this happens thanks to requests made by the portal to Rootnet to return all the flows that the user has open.

On the other hand, it also has a mass approval functionality from the Reports section of the Intranet. In the report list screen, we can filter by different parameters such as name, product status, product type, etc. Let's say that all products with request status have been approved to go to the next status of moratorium start, then by filtering by the first status we can approve all workflows that have returned that search with the filter.

Notifications by different channels

For this project, a fairly modern implementation was made for handling notifications. These are notifications that are born from personalized scripts that are communicated to the client when a change or progress is made in their process.

These scripts work by sending notifications by email and also an integration was made with Twilio SMS that also sends notifications by direct text message to the customer's cell phone if it is registered.


Smart self-service

Implementing this pair of solutions (web portal and Rootnet Suite) in the systems of a bank managed to alleviate the pressure that comes with handling banking procedures in times of pandemic, now the bank and its users can be sure that the procedures are being handled in an intelligent and with a low margin of error.


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